by (way of) François

Hitching from Quebec to Montreal. Some guy pulls over, opens the door. On the passenger seat's an aquarium. Guy goes, I can drive you if you don't mind holding the aquarium on your lap. François goes okay, sure, pas de problème. Gets in. Puts the box on his lap. Looks in. Inside the aquarium there's a ginormous African snail. Like huge big. So they're careening down the 20 (sur la 20 pis ça va ben) and driver guy starts on about how he used to share a room with his two sisters and one of the sisters' boyfriend at their parents' place. Sketchy. Totally sketchy. There was some sort of hillbilly disaster. A fire or a flood where everyone died but the snail. Now he carts it around because, he says, it's all that's left of the family.

Driver wouldn't let François out in Montreal, he dropped him off somewhere in Laval. It was December or January or February and François walked home from there. Took like 2 hours.

François is friends with Melissa's friend Alex. He makes art. After this, he got some snails. But they dried up.

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