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i've got the broke up with a cossak who tried to flee me on his bicycle blues. that's it. no more streetfights. no more enigmatic eccentrics. from now on: carpenters. male nurses. history professors with as little psoriasis as possible. had coffee with a man who started telling me about aliens on sunday. until now i've been fine with mental illnesses and alcoholism, men who take pills to ward off balding, men who don't wash regularly, men who sweat too much, men who don't eat meat. but i have to draw the line somewhere. i draw the line at aliens. i told the guy if he said he'd been probed up the ass i was leaving.


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On 8/26/08, Émile > wrote:
Up at daybreak with the fishing boats hauling right under my window. Then the gasoil from the trashtrucks. Then the rising sunlight starts beating the ceiling white. I swear it comes up straight in my window. The East. Maybe going there. Or North. Is it normal that I laughed so much I almost broke my comp, reading this?Call me self-centered, but I recognized myself everywhere in your list (except the balding pill guy). I was at Brassens' tomb yesterday.The day before I fell in the Canal with my fully loaded bike.Adventure everywhere I turn.



Marilou Sevigny puts the machine on delicate, even for towels.

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