by Sasha Manoli

Sharing toothbrushes is unhygienic

cats are non-refundable
possessions are liquid
forever in just three syllables
x-large condoms only count if you use
them and private parts are marked with invisible expiry dates
people curse.

Music is sad as
apple pie and casserole
for serial monogamy hobbiests
monogamous like masturbation
alcoholic socialization
no one’s drunk enough strumpets
are instruments
strumpets are instruments
people curse.

Look at this city it’s populated
with warning labels for dyslexics
people curse.


Sasha Manoli's one half of the WithWords whole ( and the third of two cats. She spreads hand-me-down cheer on the backs of grainy quasi-porny photos: Happy Holiday! May it be filled with hairy men and floral bed sheets. xoxoxo

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